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The Star Gate Interactive Archive is a collection of documents released by the United States Government under the Freedom of Information Act along with a user interactive index of the contents. The documents released by the government came on 14 separate CDs. RVIS/Paul Smith consolidated these onto 7 Volumes – Volumes A-G and released it as “The Central Intelligence Agency’s Star Gate Collection Archives” on seven CDs.

The entire series of documents contained on those seven CDs (Volumes) includes over 12,000 files, many of which contain numerous documents. Because the government released the files in no particular order and without an easy method of knowing what was in each file, intelligent use of the contents was nearly impossible. The Star Gate Interactive Archive was created to rectify that problem.

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For each Volume, every file was opened and perused and the contents noted in an Excel spreadsheet along with the number of pages, the original CIA file number, and a separate, easy to use file number which runs sequentially throughout the entire seven Volume archive. Each file was also set up with a hyperlink so that the file will open when the user sees a file of interest and clicks on the link.

The CDs in this set may be purchased individually or as a complete set.

$35 per CD
$195 for the 7 CD set

The entire Star Gate Interactive Archives

Contains all 7 CD Rom's of 89,000 pages across 12,000 files.



$195 for the entire 7 CD set (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)



The Star Ggate Archive CD Rom's can be purchased seperately - if you just want to try them out.

Stargate interactive archive - volume A

Volume A
contains files 1-821 (formerly CIA Disks 1&2) and the
Interactive Archive Excel document/index.

Printed out, the index is 43 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Numerous issues of the “Chinese Journal of Somatic Sciences”
     * “Collected Works of Qigong Science” (370 pages)
     * “A Survey of Expert Opinion on Potentially Negative Uses of Psi,
       U.S. Government Interest in Psi, and the Level of Research
       Funding of the Field”
     * A translation of the Soviet document “Biostimulation Through
       Laser Radiation and Bioplasma” by Inyushin and Chekerov (80 pages)
     * “The Nervous System and Electric Currents, Volume 2” Proceedings
       of the 4^th Annual National Conference of the Neuroelectric
       Society, March 1971
     * “Some Brief Notes on the Development of Research Into Human
       Paranormal Capabilities in Guangdong” compiled by the Guangdong
       Somatic Sciences Research Committee (64 pages)
     * “The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Biological Systems:
       Current Status in the Former Soviet Union” (120 pages)

$35 per CD



Stargate interactive archive - volume B

Volume B
contains files 822-2281 (formerly CIA Disks 3&4)
and the Interactive Archive Excel document/index.

Printed out, this index is 52 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Numerous remote viewing sessions and reports
     * “Feasibility Study on the Use of RV Detection Techniques to
       Determine Location of (redacted) Targets”
     * “Electronic System Perturbation Techniques” by Edwin May,
       Beverly Humphrey, and G. Scott Hubbard (61 pages)
     * “A Database Management System for Operational Remote Viewing”
       prepared by E. C. May, B. S. Humphrey, and Radio Physics Laboratory


$35 per CD



Volume C
contains files 2282-5548 (formerly CIA disks 4 (continued), 5, and 6).

Printed out, the corresponding Interactive Archive index is 143 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Department of Defense document “Procedures Governing the
       Activities of DoD Intelligence Components That Affect United
       States Persons”
     * “Use of Volunteers as Subjects of Research” Dept of the Army,
       Research and Development Army Regulation 70-25
     * Memos, sessions, reports, and funding information regarding Sun
       Streak (a former code name for the Star Gate project)
     * “A Remote Viewing Evaluation Protocol” by Edwin C. May, 1982 (48
     * “Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) Technology 1981-1983: Three
       Year Project (draft report)” by Ingo Swann (31 pages)


$35 per CD



Stargate interactive archive - volume D

Volume D
contains files 5549-8250 (formerly CIA disks 6 (continued) and 7).

Printed out, the corresponding index is 129 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Training sessions and special ops sessions
     * DIA’s “Bibliographic Database: Psychoenergetics” (27 page document)
     * DIA’s “Operational Project Protocols”
     * Various briefings on Star Gate and the operational aspects of
       the program

$35 per CD



Stargate interactive archive - volume E

Volume E
contains files 8251-10007 (formerly CIA disks 8&9).

Printed out, Volume E’s Interactive index is 82 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Speaking notes/transcript: Pre-film discussion presented by Targ
       and Putoff on Geller/Swann Research”
     * “Lie Detection Through Voice Analysis” by Fredrick C. Link
     * Grill Flame Mission Statement
     * “Scientists Explain New Solar Radiotelescope” & “Solar Magnetism
       Described in Detail” from USSR Scientific Affiars, 1971
     * Sessions, reports and after action reports on the RV involvement
       in the Iranian Hostage Crisis

$35 per CD



Stargate interactive archive - volume F

Volume F
cocontains files 10008-11154
(formerly CIA disks 10, 11, &12)

Printed out, this Interactive index is 60 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Memo to the Undersecretary of Defense: Status Report on
       Non-Lethal Acoustic Initiative
     * “Perceptual Augmentation Techniques” and more (a 327 page file
       of research documents, including a memo from Hal Puthoff
       requesting the return of the cassettes of the Price-crane
     * “A Dynamic Experiment With Ingo Swann” by Edwin May and Charles
     * “An Evaluation of the Remote Viewing Program: Research and
       Applications” by Mumsford, Rose, and Goslin (206 pages)
     * “Parapsychology: Fiction or Reality?” translated from the Russian
     * DIA’s “Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research” (72
       pages includes Telepathy in Animals, Telepathy in Humans,
       Telepathic Behaviour Modification, Phototronic Generator
       Research, Psychokinesis Research, OBE Phenomena, Remote Viewing,
       and The Apport Technique)

$35 per CD



Volume G
contains files 11155 – 12247
(formerly CIA disks 13 & 14)

Printed out, this Interactive index is 60 pages long.


Highlights include:

     * Memos and reports from Frank Cartwright (Naval Weapons Center)
       concerning replication of SRI experiments and findings
     * Excerpts from “Star Wars Now” by Thomas Bearden
     * “The Monroe Institute’s Hemisync Process” by Fred Atwater
     * “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process” by LTC Wayne M.
     * “Gateway Intermediate Workbook” from Monroe Institute of Applied
       Science, 1977
     * “Anglo-Saxon vs Latin Parapsychology: Underlying the
       Communication Barrier” by Mario P. Varvoglis
     * Memos and documents showing the transfer (and importance of
       continuity) of the RV program

$35 per CD
All Future orders will be sent on a USB flash drive




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